Invest Your Financial Figure with UMIG

Bhupinder Kainth | Director of Recruitment

Hi, I am Bhupinder Kainth and the current director of recruitment for your UMIG . I am going into my last year in asper majoring in Finance and Accounting. 



Jo DePape | Director of Corporate Relations

Jo is a 2nd year Asper student intending to major in Finance and Accounting. With an interest in asset management, he intends to pursue the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation following his degree. During his free time, he is often found training at the campus gym.



Aaron Menon| Director of Operations

​Aaron is in his third year at the Asper School of Business pursuing a double major in Finance and Marketing. With a passion for investing, Aaron one day hopes to obtain his CFA designation along with a career in financial planning or investment advising. When not powering through schoolwork, Aaron enjoys playing and watching sports, cooking a good meal, and spending time with friends and family. Aaron is an optimistic, motivating, and friendly individual so do not hesitate to introduce yourself when you see him!

​​Vilok Guliani | Director of Communications

Vilok is entering his 3rd year of the Finance and Actuarial program at the University of Manitoba. He enjoys backpacking, learning about different cultures and of course, investing. When not studying he can be found throughout campus volunteering. If you ever see him in the halls feel free to introduce yourself as he is always happy to meet new people


Derek Dagg | Director of Corporate Relations

​Derek is entering his second year at the Asper School of Business pursuing a major in Actuarial Mathematics.  He hopes to earn his FSA designation after graduation and find work as an actuary.  When he finds time to get away from studying, Derek enjoys working out and playing hockey.  He also enjoys learning new musical instruments, and watching the Blue Jays or the Jets play.  His goal is to introduce the wonderful world of investing to new people this year!



Chris Wilson | Director of IT & Marketing

Chris is entering into his second year at the Asper School of Business pursuing a double major in accounting and finance. He is looking to obtain his CPA designation in the future and pursue a career in accounting, however he will have to get through corporate finance and many other difficult courses first. When not updating the UMIG website Chris likes to spend time playing both Baseball and Ultimate Frisbee as well as taking in a Blue Jays or Jets game with family and friends. He is a motivated, caring, laid-back individual who loves to make people laugh, don't be shy, introduce yourself! 

Mike Gussakovsky | Director of Finance

​Hi Asper people! My name is Mike Gussakovsky, but you can call me Goose. I'm in my fourth year of Asper and majoring in Finance and Leadership & Organizations. I like to get really involved within the faculty so you may have seen me elsewhere too. I joined UMIG this year as the Director of Finance as I saw an opportunity to add value to the group while providing me with basic finance experience. Win-Win! Stop me in the halls if you have any questions or simply want to find out more.

Rob Wiens | Vice President

​Rob is entering the final year of his finance degree at the Asper School of Business. He has been involved with UMIG (either as a member or now as Vice President) for the past 3 years and hopes to continue to deliver what UMIG members have come to value and expect when they sign up this year. When he isn’t buried in textbooks and homework, Rob enjoys travelling, weekends at the lake, and sports

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Shane Moulton | President

​Greetings Asper students! My name is Shane Moulton, and I am this years' University of Manitoba Investment Group president. This year, I will be attending my third year at the Asper School of Business, with a double major in Finance and Entrepreneurship. This year as both UMIG's President, and UMLO's Vice President of Events, I'm aiming to expand and increase student engagement and student-experience-enriching initiatives in support of the Commerce Students' Association. I feel there are three fundamental aspects to a commerce degree, those being 1) What you know, 2) Who you know, and 3) What you do. Getting involved with UMIG and other STAGs is a great way to nurture all three!


Our Executive Team

Jesse Greenberg | Director of Events

My name is Jesse Greenberg, I'm in my 5th year at the University of Manitoba and that's about it. I also play ultimate frisbee just about every day of the week, my favourite food is lasagna, and I like giving back to the community. As you can see I'm a pretty well rounded individual and I can tell you're interested in UMIG enough to be reading our bio's so check out our events and feel free to message any one of us for more details on how to get involved! 



Munroe Shume | Director of Events

Munroe is one of the co-directors of events this year, he is going into his second year of university and is pursuing a double major in finance and international business. His main drives for joining UMIG as an executive was to get involved within the Asper community, to meet new people and to learn more about finance. Munroe enjoys people watching, bad puns and making analogies for any and all situations. Music, Sports and Food are some of the things he enjoys most in life, along with meeting new people so feel free to stop and talk to him if you find him in the halls!